Possible news on the Garbage Front.

Apparently an article popped up on Rollingstone’s website in the past couple of weeks stating that a fourth Garbage album is indeed coming and it is expected sometime in early 2004. No word on a name for the album yet, however.


Shirley on Vanity Fair Magazine!

Just moved this up to the top of the list as a reminder to all Garbage fans that Shirley Manson will be one of the artists on the cover of the November music issue of Vanity Fair Magazine. Look for the magazine in a stand near you!


Shut Your Mouth’s Popularity.

The latest single from Garbage’s third album, “Beautifulgarbage” entered the charts in the UK at #20 earlier this month. This is a limited edition release and it is apparently sold out just about everywhere. Unfortunately due to the limited number of copies available, “Shut Your Mouth” has been falling drastically since its release in early October.


Garbage selling big in Australia!

Garbage’s third album, “Beautifulgarbage” has been certified double platinum in Australia. In addition, the single “Cherry Lips” has been certified gold.

Furthermore, “Beautifulgarbage” has also been certified gold in France, Belgium and Italy.


Garbage and No Doubt Together!

It has been confirmed that Garbage will be touring with No Doubt in the US this fall. Check the tour dates section to find out when they will be coming to a venue near you!


Special UK Shows!

To support the UK release of “Shut You Mouth” Garbage will be performing two shows at the Electric Ballroom in London. The two shows are scheduled for August 28 and August 29.


Shut Your Mouth!

Garbage’s newest single is “Shut Your Mouth” and it is the first song from the album “Beauitfulgarbage”. The single is currently on sale in Germany. It will be released inthe UK on August 26th in 2 CDs and a 12″ format. Releases include “Happiness Pt. 2” and live versions of “Only Happy When It Rains” and “Wild horses”.


Garbage is coming to Australia!
Garbage has added several tour dates for shows in Australia in October 2002! For more information, check out the tour dates section.

Your Favorite B-side?

Get Busy With the Fizzy, Girl Don’t Come, Alien Sex Fiend, Sleep – these are just a few of the B Sides Garbage has recorded but we want to know YOUR favorites. If you have a favorite Garbage B Side please let us know by sending an email to garbagefanmail@qprime.com and put B Side in the subject line.


Breaking Up The Girl Released

Garbage’s latest single is Breaking Up The Girl from their third album, Beautifulgarbage. The CD has been released commericially in the UK, EU, and Australia. There are some new remixs by Brothers in Rhythm and Tino Maas. There are also 2 new B-sides, “Happiness” and “Confidence.” The UK release is comprised of 3 CDs and the EU and Australian versions are on 2 CDs. Be sure to check your favorite source of music for the latest single!